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War on Cancer Book Review

This site is not meant for medical advice you need to use it along with your doctors treatments. Some people have seen positive results with this information and some of the products talked about on this site. We cannot make any guarantees of a cure for any diseases or cancer, you can try and see how it will help you..

*Individual results vary.

Get this book today to use it along with your doctors treatments for your cancer. Use the 13 Principles along with the treatments and help increase your chance of survival. When you are dealing with cancer you need this information to help win the battle use it along with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. 

IF you are dealing with cancer you need to click on the button and get this book today. You will be able to read if as soon as you finish the order, just follow the link to the book.

Cancer Book Review.

Use the valuable information in this book before you start treatments or along with your doctors treatments.

Join in our war on cancer an use this information to help reduce the risk of cancer in your family. You can use these principles to help keep the big cancer from knocking at your door. 

Illnesses this information will help: Diabetes, Cancer, Bronchitis, Allergies, Asthma, Bursitis, Constipation, Pancreatitis, Lupus, Migraine's, Fibromyalgia, Erectile Dysfunction, Others.  

This book will help with different kinds of chronic illness.

Order this book today and see how these 13 principles will help you win your battle to better heatlh. 

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Discover 13 Vital Practical Principles to help Fight and reduce your risk of cancer. Book
“Jeff’s Cancer survival Story” is a unique book that is packed full of vital information for everyone
who is either striving to improve their health or battling cancer.
You will see the journey Jeff walked as he struggled to win the battle over cancer. He candidly
shares about his thoughts of suicide, along with his daily battle to cope with the idea of loosing his
wife. How he was able to deal with: work, their three children, and his wife’s hospital stay of two
months. This book is a inspiration to all who read it. Jeff will take you though his journey in a way
that you will cry sometimes, you will laugh sometimes, and you will do some deep thinking. He has
written this book with the idea to help others not to have to go through the cancer battle his is going
through. For Jeff one of the things that he deals with now is some of the attitudes of objections to
information that could possibly help save more peoples lives. He had to overcome some of these
same attitudes himself. He knows that it can’t be called a cure for cancer the FDA won’t allow it.
Please whatever attitude of objections you might have you need to lay it aside an take a close look
over this book when you read it. Your attitude of objections could cost you your life

This book shares with you the information that will turn you into your doctor’s greatest ally in winning
your battle for good health. The information it provides can be used along with the advice of your
doctor, like what to eat, what not to eat, and what you can do around the house to improve your
health and help win the battle of cancer you are fighting.

From a short history of cancer and its causes, including common household and personal products
that destroy wellness, to foods and supplements that cleanse the body internally, fight disease, and
improve the immune system, this book is a compendium of all the little bits and pieces of
information you’ve ever seen-and some you may have missed-about natural healing. It even
includes information about UL De Tea that J. F. Kennedy's doctor used to treat and cure his cancer
without using medical treatment . Not just a compilation of vague ideas, it contains lists and tips and recipes and vital information concerning mistakes you could make. You will have a list of food’s that are high cancer fighting foods, along with a list of vitamins and supplements to use. Jeff gives concrete information on uses the UL DE Tea and 13 vital practical principles to hit the cancer with both barrels of a double barrel shot gun. One big bonus in the back of the book is some coupons for items you can order. When your order some of the things offered in the book and use the coupons
you could almost get the book at no cost when you use enough of the coupons.

This book truly is a treasure chest overflowing with gems of information for anyone dealing with
cancer, allergies, arthritis, asthma, hay fever, heartburn, Diabetes,  Chronic Fatigue Cerebral Palsy, Constipation, ADHA, Erectile Dysfunction or any other symptom of less-than-optimum health.

*Barbara husband used it to help with the pain in his legs and the pealing of his skin from his feet due to diabetes .

*“Two weeks after I talked to Jeff and started using his suggestions I have more energy my pain in my side from Liver cancer is gone and my skin looks good. Four week’s using his ideas I have gained 10 pounds.”     Bonnie Freeman

*“I have had Breast Cancer six times . Since I am truing some of his suggestions my doctor told me on my last visit that my breast cancer is reducing.” Oiphiea.

*“It is what I have been looking for because it answers the patients question of what they can do at home to help win the battle of cancer.”      Doctor Carl Rogers

He has done some speaking engagements for churches, civic clubs, and appeared on some radio shows.

He has appeared on NBC Channel 4 in Nashville TN during the noon news hour, while being interview by Sharon Puckett.

An article appeared in the WESTVIEW News form and interview he did with Sharon Satterfield.

New Life Nutrition And Fitness, Inc. Howard Young PH. D has had Jeff do a variety of lectures for his nutritional classes.

Baptist Hospital approved Jeff’s lecture for Middle Tenn. Electric Membership Corp. wellness program.


Dr. Rogers who has read a majority of this book has said that: "It is what he has been looking for
because his patients ask him what they can do at home to help win their health battles, and this
book answers that question". Author has been interview on the local television station during the
noon news program.

Order the e-file book today for $20.00 and start reading it as soon as possible to help you win your battle over cancer. 

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